Scope and delimitation of this study about effects of computer technology to the student s lifestyle

Almost all the things around us were made by computers with the aid of modern machines. Computer hardware and software include computing devices, open source and proprietary office automation aids such as word processing, spreadsheets, databases and multi-purpose programming tools.

Children who play online games can learn how to multitask in an effective manner. Table 10 shows disadvantages of online gaming. The descriptive statistics used frequency, percentage, and ranking.

Only tallying, getting of percentage, and getting of ranking were the methods needed to come up with a conclusion on this study. Most of the time, online gaming refers to the video games played over the internet, where multiple players are in different locations around the world.

Most percentage of web games available nowadays is written in Flash, Shockwave and Java languages. Disadvantages of Online Games 3. Consider the impact of introducing new technologies When a new system is being considered to replace another, an evaluation is needed to assess the impact of the change on all stakeholders.

It is important to note that today, different parts of the world are on vastly different points of the technology continuum. This study will help the readers to have the understanding about the impact of online gaming.

In the s, advances in computer technology led to the introduction of Direct Recording Electronic DRE voting systems. Different electoral electronic devices are already in use in several countries and their use is expected to increase.

The powerful or dramatic effect that something or somebody has. The Church, sign and defender of the transcendence of the human person In addition, relatively low-cost technology can also replace high cost, low-tech processes, leading to savings in the long-term. Jesus therefore places himself on the frontline of fulfilment, not only because he fulfils what was promised and what was awaited by Israel, but also in the deeper sense that in him the decisive event of the history of God with mankind is fulfilled.

Children should know their limitation in playing online games.

Essentially, the National Policy on education Federal Republic of Nigeria, has identified school achievement contents according to school subjects which are classified as core or elective subjects. Learning is reflected in the way a student respond to environment, social, emotional and physical stimuli and understands new information.Scope and Delimitation This study is limited only to first year students if Saint Michael’s College of Laguna.

The Effects of playing on-line computer games in academic performance of students? Effects of computer addiction on the Academic Performance of the students A Research paper Submitted to the Faculty of Education City.


Elections and Technology

SCOPE AND DELIMITATION F. DEFINITION OF TERMS CHAPTER I Documents Similar To Sample Thesis Chapter 1 The Effects of Computer Addiction to the Academic Performances of Mapua Institute of Technology First Year Students.5/5(45). In research, the scope defines the problem or subject that a researcher plans to study.

Limitations are factors that the researcher encounters that inadvertently narrow the scope of the study. When researching a topic, people often encounter limitations that may affect the results of the research.

is and in to a was not you i of it the be he his but for are this that by on at they with which she or from had we will have an what been one if would who has her. Due to the upgrade of these gadgets in entertainment, student’s most likely focus on what entertains them than on what may help them in their studies or for the good of their knowledge.

Students often spend more time on using gadgets than studying or doing different types of. Significance of the Study This study is about the effects of technological devices on the learning performance of an information technology student for this school year - in Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP-Bansud Campus).

Scope and delimitation of this study about effects of computer technology to the student s lifestyle
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