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While credit is not granted for internships per se, it is acceptable for students to enroll for independent study courses that develop ideas, data, and field notes drawn from an internship. From humanities to social sciences to the natural sciences, the College's departments foster rigorous interdisciplinary thinking and world-changing scholarship.

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Academic Integrity In accordance with WCAS policy on Academic Integrity, the English Department refers all cases of suspected academic dishonesty to the Assistant Dean for. Undergraduate Student Resources; Submenu for: Resources. Resources Home point to areas you will need to flesh out in your essay, and inform you of relevant background material.

on Northwestern’s policies regarding academic integrity—including individual school policies—may be found at Academic Integrity at Northwestern.

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The Northwestern Provost's Academic Integrity webpage provides information on relevant policies and ways to recognize and avoid violations of academic integrity. Read Weinberg College procedures for handling a possible Academic Integrity violation, including information on the appeals process.

Internships | Independent Studies. Internships Abroad Students in Weinberg College who wish to participate in internships while they study abroad are encouraged to do so on a.

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Northwestern weinberg academic integrity essay
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