Essay on ozone pollution

The troposphere has too much ozone and ozone is harmful to us if is too close. With the increase of industrial activity and decrease of forest coverage, carbon-di-oxide level is rising in the environment at a rate faster than the normal resulting in rising of world temperatures.

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The hole in the ozone layer is become bigger every day. In the field of nuclear science, scientists have already developed fission technology to produce greater energy.

Harmful to textile fibres and metals. To make people around us happy, we should show them also that we are happy. All together he wrote over essays. Our bonding was a way that remedied solves our problem. Space debris has become a reality on account of the litter and garbage of thousands of space objects, dead satellites, spent rockets, motors and nuts and bolts.

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Financial problem is the hardest thing faced by the poor people. But my mother planted many kinds of plants and trees around our home. We just listen until he stops. As a student, I can persuade the Barangay Health Worker Association of each Barangay in our municipality to conduct the seminar regarding family planning, the different methods involving it and its proper usage.

Society has been widely addressed with the many problems that we are having in our environment today.

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This results in the destruction of marine life and poses a threat to our eco-system. If there is a pollution of ozone i.


It is concentrated generally 30 km above the surface of earth. This is the only thing that would change your life.

There are many people who proved that there is nothing impossible even when you are poor. Thus, Blood carries less oxygen.

Ozone is merely oxygen, but not the type we breath. The trees in our surroundings should also be taken cared of because the trees are important for us and our surroundings. We knew already that GOD created the Earth in a way that is perfect for all his creations to live in; we can read this in the Book of Genesis Chapter 1 Verse European Community put a ban on Halon used in fire fighting too by and reduces the use by 85 per cent by the end of People are going to be more and more mechanical.

Green revolution has created history all over the world Biotechnology has helped hybridization where scientists have come out with success in producing advanced varieties of high-yielding, disseat resistance or drought-resistance seeds.

If you want to progress, strive for more. Every parent has a responsibility to make their children good citizen. They go deep in lungs and even pass in blood. The two most important things that we can do to change the world are to keep the surroundings clean and help each other.Thank you,for this amazing awareness essay on save our mother earth.

Essay on Air Pollution: Causes, Effects and Control of Air Pollution

This will help those people who are trying to save our mother earth by planting trees. Criticism of new Air Quality Index.

Since 90s, industrial units have to install instruments to measure air-quality and send data to state pollution control boards. May 01,  · Air pollution is due to the direct implication of industrialization.

The chimneys of industries emit smoke and vehicles have fumes, which directly contribute to air pollution. Introduction Though perhaps best known throughout the world for his science fiction, Isaac Asimov was also regarded as one of the great explainers of science. Published: Mon, 5 Dec The introduction of harmful waste materials, other forms of contamination which are a hazard to the life sustaining atmosphere of the planet earth is commonly known as pollution.

Free sample essay on Pollution and Ozone Layer for kids, school and college students. Ozone is a condensed form of Oxygen. It has three atoms of Oxygen instead of two and has a faint blue colour with pungent odour.

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In industries it is used in deodorization.

Essay on ozone pollution
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