A divine and supernatural light by jonathan edwards

But the seeing of the excellency of the doctrine may be immediately from the Spirit of God, though the conveying of the doctrine or proposition itself may be by the Word.

Where lies the great difficulty, if we own the being of a God, and that he created all things out of nothing, of allowing some immediate influence of God on the creation still? The answer is that something supernatural must happen in my heart that causes me to see Christ as the image of God, and see God in the face of Christ, and see the cross as the wisdom and power of God, and see Jesus as a treasure so valuable that I count everything as rubbish in comparison with him.

It will turn the heart to God as the fountain of good, and to choose him for the only portion. Each work of literature also contains metaphors to darkness and the light. The powers of the soul are more awakened and enlivened to employ themselves in the contemplation of them, and exert themselves more fully and much more to the purpose.

This spiritual and divine light does not consist in any impression made upon the imagination. He is the one who sent Christ to do the work of the gospel for us in level two. Thou art distinguishingly happy. But the sense of the excellency of Christ by reason of that holiness and grace, is nevertheless immediately the work of the Holy Spirit.

Each work of literature also contains metaphors to darkness and the light. Show what this divine light is.

The Gospel 2 Corinthians 4: Our Lord was inquiring of his disciples, whom men said that he was: For his spiritual glory is that wherein his divinity consists, and the outward glory of his transfiguration showed him to be divine, only as it was a remarkable image or representation of that spiritual glory.

Such a glory as, if clearly seen, does not leave room to doubt of their being of God, and not of men. There is this difference, that the Spirit of God, in acting in the soul of a godly man, exerts and communicates himself there in his own proper nature.

But this spiritual light that I am speaking of, is quite a different thing from inspiration. The mind of man is naturally full of prejudices against divine truth. The Third Level of Salvation: Banner of Truth,p.(2) Mode = the divine and supernatural and immediate light of the Spirit that (a) shines on the quality of God, showing or disclosing it to be what it truly is, (b) shines on the mind of the regenerate, overcoming prejudice and hindrances and granting a conviction of its truth, and (c) becomes one with regenerate in a sort of mystical union.

A Divine and Supernatural Light by Jonathan Edwards.

A Divine And Supernatural Light

Jonathan Edwards preached this sermon during his fifth year as pastor of the church in Northampton he inherited from his grandfather, Solomon Stoddard. It is a thorough and uplifting biblical explanation of the means and manner by which God enlightens the hearts and minds of those He saves.

Aug 28,  · Some Notes on Jonathan Edwards’ Sermon, “A Divine and Supernatural Light ” Some friends and I are wending our way through “The Works of Jonathan Edwards.” These are my notes on one of his most famous sermons. He calls it "A divine and supernatural light immediately imparted to the soul by the Spirit of God" A divine and supernatural light must shine in my heart so that Christ appears as compellingly glorious.

That is, I must be born again. I must be regenerated by the Holy Spirit.

A Divine And Supernatural Light

The sermon is found in The Works of Jonathan Edwards, vol. 2. Jan 23,  · In “A Divine and Supernatural Light,” Jonathan Edwards describes the spiritual light as knowledge that is directly received from God and not from natural means such as rational thinking or physical sensation.

A well worth reading sermon as Jonathan Edwards explores and contends for the doctrine that it is God's working (and God's working alone) in the soul of a person that allows them to grasp and affirm the truth about Jesus Christ and His Deity and Messiahship/5.

A divine and supernatural light by jonathan edwards
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